Meet the CEO

Prezes Mirosław KamińskiMiroslaw Kaminski is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and graduated with an MSc in Economics.

Kaminski founded InfoConsulting with the vision of being closer to the customers’ needs and developing a culture focused around local expertise with a global outlook. He had seen how Big 6 consulting companies worked and this gave him the drive and vision to provide an extremely customer-centric organisation that delivers the best on software consulting and implementation.

Before founding InfoConsulting, he worked for 10 years in 2 financial sector companies.

After graduation, Kaminski started to work for Ernst &Young (now E&Y) and then for Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). After 5 years of working with clients such as (LOT, Mars, 3M, etc) on high level financial consulting projects, he moved to the client-side to become Finance Director for Puma Polska (one of the first multinationals to enter Poland).

This move into the corporate world gave him an even deeper insight into how consulting companies worked with multinationals on major software implementations.

It was in 2008 when the global financial crisis hit Poland heavily and this led him to set up something on his own.

In Kaminski’s own words: “Since I was able to do it for others why not to try on my own, especially when the financial sector was struggling and I knew I had the knowledge and could provide bespoke consulting solutions and services to local and international companies”.

Kaminski’s vision was validated in 2019 when the company was rewarded for being one of the top partners for IFS in Europe, winning the coveted “IFS Services Partner Of The Year 2019” showcasing their deep knowledge and understanding of consulting and implementing the IFS enterprise resource planning (ERP) product suite.

As well as being a partner of IFS, InfoConsulting has also developed its own suite of products which include a wide range of software that provides companies with robust reporting and data analysis. The company has also managed successful implementations of other ERP software packages and the company is continually expanding and is now an accredited partner for Infor and Enova 365.

As the company continues to grow, as does the CEO and recently we did an exercise where internal staff put there own questions to the CEO.

1. How will the company continue to expand and give us as employees greater opportunities?

“Over the last two years, InfoConsulting has started to grow by making small targeted acquisitions of companies that have core competencies. We want our employees to be able to have a wider skillset so training  in technologies outside your core competencies will be a way in which we support our employees”.

“We will also look to expand our partner network, which will, in turn, lead to more opportunities to learn a new software or application skillset”

2. Will the company remain private or is there a possibility of seeing the company become a listed company and employees being given an equity stake in the company?

“At present, the company is in a growth phase and we will consolidate this by making further strategic acquisitions and building more of our own software products. Having our own products and IP will allow us the opportunity to look at listing as a public company in the future”.

“Having an equity programme as part of that makes a lot of sense as team members who have a real share in the company have an even more vested interest to make the whole company successful”

3. Which other countries will the company expand to and will this give me an opportunity to relocate?

“We are already in four countries in CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) and have just released our new website to cater to a wider audience. This, in turn, complements our goal of working with companies from across  the world and that in turn leads to opportunities for our highly skilled team to have the opportunity to travel and spend time in different countries and cultures.”

“Of course the long term goal is to have our own offices in countries like the USA, United Kingdon, Australia, Ireland and also in Asia and South America as we grow. Of course, this will create even more opportunity for our team.”

4. What is the company strategy for acquiring new customers and making our company grow?

“By the middle of 2020, we will have released our new website and are now focusing heavily on using social media and other outreach channels to reach our potential market. However, to do this, we will need to shift  our focus to delivering high-quality training and content which provides excellent value for our existing customers and potential customers, something that is an ongoing process.”