Central Europe’s biggest nutrition and cosmetic supplements company chose InfoConsulting to implement and support its IFS ERP solution

InfoConsulting – global platinum partner of IFS proudly announces its new Customer BEDECO Ltd., the part of Corliv Holding, the biggest private label company in Central Europe that offers a full service for nutrition and cosmetic supplements.

With owning the well-known and traditional Hungarian brand “BEDECO” – which was mainly famous as a cocoa powder in the ‘80s in Hungary, plus owning three factories, the company produces high-quality products for over 150 brands worldwide. The holding provides individual label design, specifications, and packaging compatible with EU legislation, and its team of professionals ensure that products of its Customers meet EU regulations.

“I am sure that our team in Hungary together with our global organisation will be an effective partner in supporting BEDECO on its dynamic growth path. We are thrilled to implement our mission together with BEDECO to increase its efficiency thanks to our experts and the modern IFS solution”. said Mirosław Kamiński, Head of InfoConsulting

“We have chosen the IFS solution because it stands out as the most comprehensive, flexible, and agile option on the market. It is the key to optimizing and gaining the best control over our business processes. The proposal presented by IFS and InfoConsulting perfectly aligns with all of our company’s needs. We are eagerly looking forward to commencing the implementation process, and we can’t wait to introduce this new solution to our employees, enhancing our operations for a future.” – Krisztina Kormos ERP Project Manager Bedeco Kft.

The company offers a complete range of nutrition supplements, fitness accessories, beauty, and functional food products. The capacity of the holding is unmatched in Europe, and it can handle everything from small-scale manufacturing to orders of high volume.

A team of 10 graphic designers ensures a unique style for the more than 5,000 products.

“We are incredibly proud to announce the addition of BEDECO Kft., a prominent Hungarian company, as our latest customer in Eastern Europe. With the unwavering commitment and support of our global partner, InfoConsulting, we are fully dedicated to providing the highest level of support to BEDECO. This marks a significant milestone for us as it represents our next venture into the Hungarian market, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with BEDECO. By implementing IFS ERP, we are confident that we will assist BEDECO and its holding in delivering expertise in key areas for the company. IFS ERP is the perfect solution fit for companies like BEDECO, and we are excited to contribute to their continued success” – says Marek Głazowski, IFS Poland & Eastern Europe President.”

BEDECO and its holding company provide expertise in comprehensive quality control, high-quality professional machines, a highly skilled workforce, and a wide range of products from a budget to a premium price bracket.

The company decided to implement IFS ERP with the  help of one of the most competent IFS Partners worldwide, InfoConsulting, to conduct the implementation and provide long-term solution support of the system. With the help of best experts of InfoConsulting and the best technology from IFS, the  IFS ERP solution will manage all key business processes of the company directly, supporting the work of 150 end users in financials, supply chain management, production and sales.

InfoConsulting is a strategic platinum partner of IFS with more than 20 years of experience in IFS’s solution implementation and provides exclusive and comprehensive services  in the Hungarian market  for Its customers, delivering best ERP software with the best experts, while solving the client’s problems.