Discrete Manufacturing/Engineering

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation driven by the convergence of several emerging technologies. This is known as a new industrial stage, also commonly referred to as Industry 4.0. This involves the introduction of complex digital technologies which redefine the way manufacturers gather, analyse and connect data to their manufacturing systems.

Many companies in the Manufacturing space are finding it increasingly frustrating to manage the consistencies in their services, management, supply chain and projects.

This is why Industry 4.0 technology is increasingly adopted in the Manufacturing space to accelerate business growth and combat challenging market and consumer demands. The right system could help resolve many of the challenges facing your business – and even help you find efficiencies in places you don’t expect.

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Challenges within the Discrete Manufacturing/ Engineering Industry

Communication and visibility

Communication and visibility is crucial in maximising productivity and resolving problems effectively. However, the complex nature of the manufacturing processes can often make communication and visibility of tasks challenging for companies within the industry.

Asset and Resource Management

Balancing the incoming supply of materials, parts with production, storage of goods and outgoing orders and shipping is a constant challenge – and especially all more difficult without the right systems in place.

Emerging Demands

Emerging market and customer demands to be on time and on budget along with increasing costs caused by supply chain issues and inflation is an emerging challenge within the industry.

Our Discrete Manufacturing/ Engineering Solutions

Within the Manufacturing Industry, we offer expert consultative services to find areas of for operational improvements and help you harness the right technologies and tools for revenue raising opportunities.

We create tailored Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Asset Management solutions that help you across a multitude of areas.

InfoConsulting helps organisations choose the right digital solution for increase visibility and control across the operations of a product lifecycle which will minimise inefficiencies and maximise productivity.

Our industry specific expertise within the Manufacturing space can help you obtain functionalities that help you adapt to the market and achieve growth initiatives.

  • Streamline and automate processes to allow your team to effectively service your customers and focus on growth initiatives.
  • Gain wider capabilities and the flexibility to capitalise on changing markets to drive business efficiency, cost savings and insights, all in a single centralised platform.
  • Gain complete control and visibility of your asset position and performance from cradle to grave.
  • Effectively manage asset maintenance to improve asset availability, reliability, and the services that you provide.
  • Without impact to productivity, you can monitor the health of assets, drive predictive maintenance, and quickly repair failures.

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