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Mining and Mining Services

We all know that technology can play an important part in the success of a company, and sometimes all those buzz words and latest trends cloud our understanding of the technology roadmap.

So, in mining how can some of these technology advances really drive more business value for companies in our industry – whether in exploration, start-up or a well-advanced mining operator or contractor?

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Challenges within the Mining and Mining Services Industry

Higher costs as labour, material and fuel are affected by cyclical inflationary trends, plus net new costs for technology and license to operate.

Cyclical hiring and layoffs have caused some skilled workers to leave the industry entirely, placing a premium on workforce availability in an increasingly competitive hiring market.

To quickly scale based on demand, mines are adding leased equipment to their owned fleet presenting demanding asset management challenges across a complex landscape.

ESG (environmental, social & governance) has come to fruition through investors and stakeholders alike demanding a shift in attention from the bottom line of financial statements to the broader and more ethical inclusions of culture, environment, and management of mining organisations.

Our Mining and Mining Services Solutions

One software vendor that InfoConsulting has partnered with over many years is IFS, and in their Gartner ® leading ERP and EAM solution called IFS Cloud. Maintenance and service crews for more than a decade have benefitted from advanced AI scheduling capabilities of the Planning & Scheduling Optimization (PSO) which can automate maintenance and work schedules in real time based on configurable business criteria.

We understand that for any mining explorer, operator and mining service contractor you need a core digital solution to drive efficiency, cost management and compliance in your business. As a leading IFS Platinum Partner globally InfoConsulting has developed a Mining Accelerator built on IFS Cloud.

Added to this we have done all the hard work and defined all the migration tools required plus a comprehensive training enablement program that will have your team skilled and ready to use IFS Cloud in a matter of weeks.

Integrating with other software (if required) is streamlined thanks to the API’s already available in IFS Cloud.

At InfoConsulting we understand the need for lower IT costs in your business, that’s why we designed our Accelerated Mining program around 4 tiers based on business size, whilst also allowing you to grow from 25 to 3,000 users when needed. We provide you options with a known annual software subscription cost together with a fixed price deployment package ensuring you have a predictable outcome and an up-front deployment timeline.

InfoConsulting’s Accelerated ERP and EAM for Mining – powered by IFS Cloud

Our Accelerated ERP and EAM for Mining – powered by IFS Cloud, is a single platform hosted in the Cloud or on-premise – it’s completely your choice. With our pre-configured end-to-end business processes based on industry best practices covering across the following areas:

FinanceSupply ChainProject Management
Human Capital
Asset Maintenance with mobility for Work OrdersTenement Accounting
ProcurementProduction ReportingHealth & Safety
Capital ProjectsFixed AssetsBusiness Intelligence

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