InfoConsulting will help IFS users in Poland integrate the new KSeF national e-invoicing platform

The National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is a platform for issuing and receiving electronically structured invoices prepared by the Polish Ministry of Finance. This is mandatory for every entrepreneur from 2024. InfoConsulting has prepared a package of solutions dedicated to this change for all companies using the IFS system.

What are structured invoices and why is it important to start preparations for implementing the (KSeF) invoicing system now?

  • Structured invoices will need to be issued and received via the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF for short) from the Ministry Of Finance.
  • The scope of data reported under the new invoice form is wider than in existing invoices.
  • KSeF will provide real-time control over the invoicing process.
  • From January 1, 2024, it will be obligatory and the only form of invoicing recognised under Polish financial regulations.

Preparing your system for changes. How can we help you?

Take advantage of a ready package of InfoConsulting solutions dedicated to the IFS system, and be ready for KSeF in 2024.

  • Changes dedicated to versions: Cloud, 10, 9, 8, 7.5, and 2003 IFS Application.
  • Solutions include the preparation of a structured invoice in XML format required by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Ability to generate an invoice in XML format which is made available only for users with specific permissions granted in the IFS system.
  • Sales invoice in XML format transferred automatically to the repository, from where it is sent to the National e-Invoice System.
  • Direct communication between the IFS system and KSeF, which allows for downloading the number KSeF sales invoices and UPO, as well as downloading purchase invoices from KSeF.