Celma Indukta SA with the most recent version of the IFS Applications™ system

Celma case

Celma Indukta SA, which is part of the global Cantoni Group, has been involved in the production of electrical machinery for over 90 years. With its long-term and abundant experience, the company provides its Customers with comprehensive solutions in the sphere of electric motors. The company also offers top quality maintenance services.

The motors manufactured by the company are applied in many industries. Those are motors of general applications, both specialist motors that are used in specific and demanding sectors like mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, or shipbuilding. The markets for the produced engines include Poland and foreign countries, like the USA, Canada, European Union countries, Middle and Far East, Africa.


Celma Indukta SA is a modern company that strives to have the most recent IT infrastructure – both in terms of hardware and software.  Security is a particularly important element – in the context of assuring uninterrupted production as well as data security.  Those aspects were decisive for the need to implement the most recent version of the IFS ApplicationsTM system.


In 2019 Celma Indukta decided to implement a technical upgrade of the IFS ApplicationsTM software from version 7.5 to 10, along with a transfer of modifications tailor-made for the company to the new version. Additionally, a decision was made to implement a most recent Oracle database engine.

The project was carried out between November 2019 and March 2020 by specialists from InfoConsulting – a certified platinum IFS Partner in Poland.

Approximately  95% of the work with related to the project was executed remotely which accelerated the implementation time and reduced the overall project costs.  On the part of InfoConsulting the project was managed by Piotr Łatko – with his experience and professionalism, he efficiently managed the teams involved in the project.


Implemented modules

  • IFS HR and Payroll
  • IFS Business Reporter
  • IFS Finances
  • IFS Distribution
  • IFS Production
  • IFS Maintenance


Optimised production planning

Effective project management

Efficient and economical warehouse management

Effective cost control

Effective quality management

Use of the most recent IT technologies

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