IFS Applications™ supports the activity of the furniture producer SITS

SITS case 1

The core business of SITS Sp. z o.o. focused on cooperation with IKEA.

Several years ago, a decision was made to diversify the production by launching an offer of a family of modern and functional high-quality upholstered furniture, sold under the SITS brand. A new company was set up – SITS Industry Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Grudziądz.


In view of a dynamic development of the furniture market and an excellent situation in the construction sector, SITS in Brodnica decided to implement an ERP class system to support management. The core task of the selected solution was to support the management process of furniture manufacturing and distribution.

For five years before implementing IFS Applications, SITS had been using a system supporting the functioning of departments responsible for finances, distribution, sales, and warehouse management.  However, the solution was not able to support the requirements of a fast-growing company.

In view of a rapidly growing demand for the offered products, a need arose to find a solution to support the other areas of the company’s business.  A modern, technologically advanced system was looked for. That was due to the need to unify IT solutions to support the cooperation of two companies combined in one capital group as well as to support the execution of a growing number of orders, including for single pieces of furniture.

In the selection process, special stress was placed on the possibility to adapt the proposed solution to the company’s needs.  The first issue was focused on the configuration of SITS products that could be easily transformed into production orders.

Finally, SITS decided that the new system would be provided by IFS. The selection decision resulted from the competencies of the consultant who presented the capacity of the system tailored to the needs of SITS. Additionally, the fact that IFS Applications similarly to SITS, have Swedish roots was of some importance.


The implementation was started in June 2006. First a decision was taken to implement modules to enhance production, distribution, and finances.

The first stage was to develop a concept of the implementation.  The start was to work on the processes, procedures, and data that the staff of SITS were using on a daily basis.  On that basis, a database was also developed.

All the required data was collected that is used to develop reliable reports.  The data support projections of demand and production volumes.

In June 2017, the Management of the Companies decided to implement the IFS ApplicationsTM system at its subsidiary company – SITS Industry Sp. z o.o. The capital relationships between both companies supported the implementation of an independent instances of the IFS ApplicationsTM system subject to very preferential licence and implementation conditions.  The project was carried out in a roll-out formula.

Despite the fact that the same tool – IFS ApplicationsTM – is used in both companies, the individual instances are fully independent.  As a result, in the future their versions may diverge.

The consultants of InfoConsulting assured an effective information flow between the companies and our support is taking comprehensive care of the entire system.


Implemented modules

  • IFS Finances
  • IFS Distribution
  • IFS Production

Number of system users: 100


Data integration

More effective cooperation with principals

Reduced distribution costs

Shortened decision process

Possibility to analyse the company’s business position

Support to handling configurable production for customers’ unique orders

Improved information exchange with customers via an electronic workflow (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange)

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