ZETKAMA effectively plans and pursues production processes

ZETKAMA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial fittings in Central and Eastern Europe, with its own iron foundry.

The company offers over 2,000 fittings, such as globe valves, check valves, bellow valves, throttling valves, filters, ball valves and others that are sold to over 70 countries all over the world. ZETKAMA is a member of the MANGATA Capital Group which is made up of: Kuźnia Polska, Masterform, MCS, Śrubena.


The Zetkama Capital Group employs now over 1000 staff located in several production facilities. ZETKAMA SA is a majority shareholder of the manufacturer of connecting elements ŚRUBENA UNIA S.A. in Żywiec and owns MCS Sp. z o.o. in Żory. Zetkama sells its products to over 40 countries all over the world. In view of the growing number of tasks and developing scale of operations, it was necessary to standardise and integrate all internal processes of the company.

In order to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of decisions, it was necessary to implement one ERP system to support the achievement of the assumed objectives.

The decision of the Company’s Management to implement the IFS Apps system stemmed from the need to enhance flexibility in pursuing its strategy and development and to support the processes that were critical for its operations and poorly supported until then. The foundry sector and production of fittings have features that it was only the IFS system and experts from InfoConsulting could handle. Foundries undergo digital transformation at a very slow pace since there are no applicable solutions available in the market. Additionally, at ZETKAMA routine methods of operation and processes seemed to be too well routed to support earlier technological changes. Commercial meetings and presentations of IFS clearly proved and confirmed that an efficient and effective implementation was possible.


Consultants of InfoConsulting commenced the project in September 2016. The task was not easy due to the specific features of the sector and the requirements of users. There was another issue of the short time of the implementation and the agreed deadlines that guaranteed system launch as early as in July 2017. The pre-implementation analysis was made to identify the Customer’s needs in detail and constituted a basis to determine the scope of support to all processes in the organisation. Milestones were set that were controlled and monitored so that the deadlines were complied with without increasing risks related to the other project issues. The IFS ApplicationsTM 9 system supports ZETKAMA in all key areas, covering finances, supply chains, sales and maintenance, overhauls, HR, and business analysis. The production launch of the system – despite the short implementation time – was executed as planned in July 2017. Now InfoConsulting maintains and develops the solution.


Implemented modules

  • IFS Finances
  • IFS Distribution
  • IFS Production
  • IFS Maintenance
  • IFS Quality Management
  • IFS Human Resources
  • IFS Payroll

Number of system users: 325


Process rearrangement and standardisation

Speed and ease of communication in Capital Group

Access to management information on an ongoing basis, possibility to generate reports on-line, use of Lobby as an element of BI

Effective planning and production covering the company’s foundry

Optimisation of management processes at all phases of activity

Optimisation of warehouse management, flexible correlation with orders

Efficient cost control including multiple companies involved

Effective quality management

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