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Enterprise Asset Management EAM software accelerates operational capabilities that allows you to have a complete control and visibility of your asset position and performance from cradle to grave.

EAM capabilities help you to effectively manage asset maintenance to improve asset availability, reliability, and the services that you provide. Without impact to productivity, you can monitor the health of assets, drive predictive maintenance, and quickly repair failures.


Yield cost reductions by accelerating operational efficiencies through optimising your asset operations, maintenance, and performance.

IFS EAM fleet management software capabilities allow you to maximise your asset life and utilisation.

MRO software within IFS EAM capabilities reduce overall turnaround times without sacrificing regulatory requirements, compliance or safety standards.

Benefits of IFS EAM

Improve productivity

With IFS EAM you can improve productivity through structured asset planning, maintenance and scheduling. Simplify and employ the best interface for the environment you are in for the systems are used to track and manage your assets.

Increase operational efficiency

Ensure your assets are reliable, available and running at peak performance when you need them most. With smart planning and actionable maintenance. With IFS EAM, you can balance operational requirements against maintenance needs to run standardized processes to plan efficiently, schedule and execute maintenance activities to increase operational efficiency and reduce downtime.

Elevate visibility and tighten control

Stay in control and obtain faster responses with real-time, data-powered decision-making tools. Boost the value of your assets or revenue opportunities with a single source of truth for asset data, contracts, costs, and best practice information.

Maximise the value of your Enterprise Asset Management software

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