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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can streamline and automate your business processes. It removes the need to constantly administer individual processes, allowing your team to focus on growth initiatives whilst serving your customers effectively.

IFS ERP is a powerful, integrated and industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Your business can benefit from the ability to capitalise on changing markets by driving business efficiency, cost savings and insights, all in a single centralised platform.


Drive efficiency and revenue in your business through obtaining full financial visibility and control.

Gain the capacity to manage the full employee lifecycle of your workforce, from hire to retire

Drive business to business sales by capitalising on a modern, intuitive user experience.

Drive engagement across the entire relationship lifecycle with customers and prospects.

Have the chance to improve operational efficiency by obtaining greater control over your entire production process, across a multiple manufacturing modes.

Smoothly manage your supply chain efficiently and with full visibility, whether if your business operates locally or globally.

Yield relationships that are profitable and insightful with key partners.

Complex enterprise projects that will be delivered safely, on-time and on-budget.

Benefits of IFS ERP

Drive customer service levels

Leverage the power of an IFS ERP system to elevate your customer relationships. Experience business outcomes that you can depend on and exceed customer expectations through enhanced delivery rates, order fulfilment and much more.

Achieve more with less

IFS ERP solutions optimises business processes, creating a unified view of your entire business that enables greater control over your business. Drive operational efficiency with automation, from CRM to HCM and from procurement to projects.

Unlock cost savings

IFS ERP offers industry-tailored capabilities to optimise your business processes to unlock cost savings. On a single platform, you can simplify your business, accelerate digital transformation, reduce integration headaches and obtain tangible cost savings.

Maximise the value of your ERP solution

Digital transformation is a journey. With InfoConsulting, you benefit from decades of our digital transformation and industry experience. Our tiered service offerings are based on the needs, demands and maturity of your organization to deliver the tangible value that you expect.

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