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IFS Ultimo is the best-in-class Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software offering a flexible cloud platform to significantly improve maintenance, safety and cross-team collaboration.

This EAM software is the perfect solution for midsized enterprises who are looking to gain a better grip on assets, increased uptime, management of costs, increased equipment lifespan and assurance of a safe working environment.

With these benefits, not only does IFS Ultimo boost efficiency gains and productivity, but it also offers a fast return on investment due to its rapid deployment, ease of use, seamless integrations, self- service application management and unparalleled time to value.

CapabilitiesWith IFS Ultimo, you get the best EAM solution tailored to your needs, budget and accessibility on any device – whether it be on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
IFS Ultimo’s comprehensive suite of functionalities that can be applied to planning, monitoring, optimization, execution and tracking of all required maintenance activities.

Maintenance management software gives you the power to maximise the availability of your assets through recognising critical signals and initiating the right responses – helping you reach your business goals.

Safety management software supports you with the inventory and avoidance of risks that concern safety, quality, health and the environment.

Ultimo’s operations suite offers better capabilities for cooperation between Production, Maintenance and Safety departments. This means you get smarter use of available capacity, increased involvement and better anticipation of the information needed with first-hand input.

Ultimo Fleet Management software means you are always up to date on all your activities – whether you are managing any maintenance workshop activities or service work for others.

Managing and maintaining infrastructural objects comes down to teamwork and the proper coordination of activities. This is why transparency between the infra manager and the contractor is essential.

ITSM software immediately provides you with more insight into your IT assets and IT infrastructure and allows you to properly adjust your IT policy.

The medical technology software by Ultimo is an important aid in the healthcare industry to meet safety requirements.

As technical service department, you focus on the delivery of support services to your organization. Let Ultimo provide more structure in the facility activities and make your facility processes smooth and flawless.

Benefits of IFS Ultimo EAM

Increase the uptime of your assets

Ensure your assets are running at optimal performance by proactively planning your maintenance activities in an orderly manner, perform preventive maintenance on time and use the latest smart technologies to enable predictive maintenance.

Manage the lifespan of your assets

In order to contain the great value of your assets, you therefore want to proactively optimise their entire life cycle. So that you can maximise the return on your assets in a responsible and safe manner.

Increase safety on the work floor

Work must be carried out safely during maintenance work. EAM software enables you to coordinate your HSE policy with work permits, LOTO (Lock Out, Tag Out) and incident management. In this way better comply with key legislation and regulations.

Increase efficiency and cut maintenance costs

With an EAM system, you can stay on top of the costs and predict your maintenance budgets. With mobile working you increase efficiency and cut costs even more.

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