Comprehensive project control with IFS Applications™ at Torpol S.A.

Torpol case study
Torpol S.A. with its registered office in Poznań, has been operating in Poland for over 25 years.

The company is specialised in comprehensive execution of transportation facilities like railway routes and stations, tram tracks and engineering structures. The company also provides services in the area of construction, modernisation and overhauls of overhead power lines, traffic light systems, street lighting systems and telecommunications network as well as design services for transportation investments. The company employs over 650 staff and it operates its own extensive equipment and transportation base covering over 70 specialist machines and pieces of equipment.


In order to support its development, enhance the effectiveness of operations and consolidate its competitive market position, Torpol needed a modern, integrated business system. After a thorough analysis of advanced solutions available in the market, the IFS ApplicationsTM 10 system was selected due to its flexibility and suitability for the infrastructural sector.


Consultants of InfoConsulting commenced the project in March 2019. They carried out a comprehensive pre-implementation analysis, focusing in particular on specific features of the sector.  Project issues characteristic for the sector were taken into account which – in combination with production – were to be based on finances in the system.  The IFS ApplicationsTM 10 system supports Torpol in all key areas, covering finances, supply chains, project management, sales and maintenance, overhauls, HR, and business analysis. The production launch of the system – despite the short implementation time – was executed as planned in January 2020. Now InfoConsulting maintains and develops the solution.


Implemented modules

  • IFS Finances
  • IFS Distribution
  • IFS Production
  • IFS Projects
  • IFS Maintenance
  • IFS Quality Management
  • IFS Human Resources
  • IFS Payroll

Number of system users: 235


Process rearrangement

Data centralisation

Ongoing access to management information

Effective production planning

Comprehensive project control

Effective field project management

Improved warehouse management

Current technological and commercial information available directly from the system

Effective cost control

Effective quality management

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