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InfoConsulting IFS Upgrade

Małgorzata Dombrowska – CEO NFM PRODUCTION
Mirosław Kamiński – Head of InfoConsulting
Anders Mattsson – R&D Director NFM Group
Grzegorz Musiał – Vice President InfoConsulting
Marek Jażdżewski – Technical Director NFM
Marcin Litwin – Project Manager NFM
Tomasz Pawlik – Implementation Team Leader InfoConsulting

Małgorzata Dombrowska - CEO NFM PRODUCTION

NFM is a leading provider of personal protection systems, offering its end-users the full spectrum of protection while enhancing their capability. The product portfolio ranges from GARM combat clothing to THOR load-bearing systems and SKJOLD body armour. Continuous innovation, a user-centred design process, and the highest quality production based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship make NFM’s products sought after by military and law enforcement officers globally.

Established in 1996, the NFM Group today employs over 700 people divided into the group’s divisions: NFM® Division design, develop and produce range of products to military and law enforcement units worldwide.

Production in our factories must meet the highest quality and safety standards. The latest version of the IFS system is a powerful step for us on the path of digital transformation. Thanks to cooperation with InfoConsulting, we can better use technological tools to achieve quality and business goals.

Implementation of the new IFS system and cooperation with InfoConsulting was a strategic and well-thought-out decision.

We are convinced that improving processes in our organization and using modern tools like IFS will allow us to manage the company even better and meet our customer’s expectations.

Mirosław Kamiński - Head of InfoConsulting

The implementation of IFS at NFM has brought tangible benefits to the organization, but most importantly, it has facilitated the management and execution of everyday duties for employees. InfoConsulting is a digital transformation expert. We are one of the fastest-growing consulting companies bringing value to our customers. With us, the digital transformation process brings real solutions to the most important problems and significantly increases business efficiency. We operate systemically and with a long term view, taking responsibility for the entire digital transformation process, which we divide into 4 stages – analyze, advise, implement and support. At companies like NFM, quality is key, so the period before implementation, our team worked with NFM to develop a detailed implementation plan and I am so happy that we executed it consistently, on time and within the budget.

Anders Mattsson – R&D Director NFM Group

NFM Group has two the most modern production facilities facility strategically located in Poland.

Key to development of the international NFM Group is our Production, Sales & Marketing and R&D which we carry out, at our plant in Lębork. In order to optimize production processes, we decided to implement a comprehensive ERP system from IFS. Our consulting and implementation partner was InfoConsulting, a platinum partner of IFS in Europe.

The benefits of implementing the system are mainly full traceability of products, automation of warehouse tasks and ordering of warehouse components through mobile terminals, which allowed us to streamline the flow of repair tasks through the repair module and terminal solutions.

We also launched kiosks for employee portals to facilitate the vacation process, as well as implementing b2b portals on the side of purchasing and production to help facilitate work with contractors.

Thanks to the cooperation with InfoConsulting, it was possible to make optimal use of the complexity of the IFS 10 ERP system.
InfoConsulting consultants were involved in the process analysis and consultancy during the pre-implementation stage.

The system was configured strictly to the our needs of at NFM, where we do most of our production to contract order. From 2021 and moving forward, the cooperation also includes maintenance support.

Grzegorz Musiał - Vice President InfoConsulting

Together with NFM, we built a completely new concepts for manufacturing and warehouse processes. We created solutions dedicated especially for NFM. Due to high maturity and understanding of the necessity of changes, all the improvements were implemented smoothly. The experienced NFM management team was aware of the scale of the project and, most importantly, trusted our knowledge and experience. The specific profile of the company’s activity, security issues and high standards were the key factors during the whole implementation, which, despite the fact that it differed from standard solutions, was carried out in the time allocated for the project. We continue our cooperation with NFM maintaining and developing their IFS applications on daily basis.

Marek Jażdżewski – Technical Director NFM

The upgrade also included several modifications which were transferred to version 10. They were tailored to the needs of NFM. The list of customizations was related to the need to ensure the highest quality of all processes at NFM. IFS 10 has also enabled the expansion of, among other things, new components related to estimation and business planning, B2B, and production visualizer. Updated version of maintenance module gave us the possibility to operate with mobile devices by technicians taking care of maintenance work orders. We have also implemented significant changes in the warehouse where we now use special data collection terminals.

We have improved the efficiency of our warehouse staff and reduced errors. Another very important new functionality refers to the preparation of shipments. It gives us full control and knowledge about every logistic unit and components in them. We also have supervision over the flow of inventory at all stages from the order through warehouse and production.

Our own solution fully implemented in IFS supports and guarantees the quality assurance of our products in each step of the production process. Not mentioned so far, but very important was the transition to the cloud-based solution. Together with InfoConsulting we were able to migrate successfully the whole IFS environment.

Marcin Litwin – Project Manager NFM

The IFS implementation is an extensive program involving all major areas of NFM’s operations. It was necessary to create a multidisciplinary team of experts consisting of NFM specialists but also experienced InfoConsulting experts. The NFM implementation team consisted of 13 specialists who knew the processes well and knew how these processes should be reflected in the system. It is worth emphasizing that the Project team was involved in pararel in their daily duties. It was a really intense time for the whole organization. The result of good cooperation between NFM and InfoConsulting Team is that the project was completed within the planned time and the assumed budget.

Tomasz Pawlik - Implementation Team Leader InfoConsulting

The project for NFM was ambitious for several reasons. First of all, we created solutions strictly dedicated to this client. The very concept of using the system architecture is an innovative approach, especially in the areas of production and logistics. NFM is a mature company, therefore the InfoConsulting experts had fantastic partners from the customer side with excellent knowledge of the existing processes. The project was complex and complicated but thanks to the involvement of the whole team the project KPIs were successfully achieved.

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