InfoConsulting and Novacura Expand Partnership to Australia

Two IFS market leaders combine forces to help businesses improve their processes and operate more efficiently through digitization. 

Novacura, known for its low-code development platform with tight ERP integration, announces that it has expanded its partnership with InfoConsulting into the Australian region.

InfoConsulting is a global IT service and solution provider with over 20 years of experience helping businesses to digitally transform their business processes. Recognized by IFS Applications as a leading premium IFS partner, InfoConsulting is known for helping businesses across the globe to improve their business processes and operate more efficiently.

“InfoConsulting and Novacura have a strong focus on the people and organizations that we work with, which is why we endeavor to collaborate with the most innovative partners to offer valuable technological solutions. We want to ensure the time and money that is invested into ERP implementations or upgrades will yield maximum value to our customer’s businesses. This collaboration runs on a foundation that puts our client’s business processes front and center through harnessing and adapting technology to fit the process.” said Jon O’Brien Managing Director InfoConsulting Australia.

InfoConsulting and Novacura  share the same passion and are dedicated to helping our customers work faster and smarter through digitization, all while making the most of existing business systems. Together, Novacura and InfoConsulting are committed to providing the highest levels of digital technology and service to deliver new ideas and applications that help to maximize the efficiency for our customers in Australia and beyond.

“The opening of our Australian office is part of our global journey to become a leader in low-code development platforms and this partnership shows that we take the market seriously and are dedicated to the success of our customers in the Australian market,” said Johan Melander, CEO of Novacura.

From the start, Novacura has strived to help businesses get more value from the systems they already own. With a background in IFS Applications and a passion for putting business processes first, Novacura developed the low-code development platform, Novacura Flow, to work seamlessly with IFS. Since opening its doors, Novacura has organically grown to 15 strategic locations across the globe, including its latest office in Australia, to help businesses operate more efficiently.

InfoConsulting and Novacura has already partnered with  in the European region. So, it was a natural progression and easy to decision to expand that relationship into Australia.