Innovative IFS Cloud solutions

Our mission is to increase the business efficiency of our customers by leveraging innovative solutions that modern ERP systems can offer. InfoConsulting experts know that organizations rely on IFS software to improve operational efficiencies, deliver exceptional customer service and transform data into business value. Explore the possibilities of IFS Cloud with us. Below you will find examples of the latest solutions that our business advisory division can help you implement and use in your business.

Intelligent Process Automation

Manufacturers are looking to utilise data and automation for the answers to build an intelligent automated business. There are so many daily processes that can be automated via a new graphical process automation tool. Automated processes can be easily configured using this tool and leveraging widely understood BPMN notation.

Machine Learning

A technology with huge potential for businesses is machine learning business application technology. This field of computer science uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to “learn by example”. Amongst other applications, it may also be used for data categorization as well as forecasting. IFS Cloud delivers an embedded foundation for the deployment of automated machine learning applications. The architecture streamlines MLOps flows – i.e. data acquisition, ML model verification, and application.

Advanced Scheduling and Optimization

IFS Advanced Scheduling and Optimization is the new standard for doing business. Real-Time Scheduling and Optimization software uses AI to self-learn and deliver the optimum schedule with no human interaction whatsoever. IFS Cloud suite includes advanced scheduling and optimization tools that may be applied in various fields to solve optimization problems, e.g. complex field service scheduling for field technicians. It goes beyond optimization to constantly adjust schedules in real-time, enabling service organizations to work smarter and react instantaneously.

Augmented Collaboration

Augmented Collaboration is a technology that supports field technicians (or customers) with back-office expertise delivered via a shared, “mixed reality” video stream.  Augmented Collaboration is a highly efficient solution that connects the remote expert with another person to instantly diagnose, resolve and validate issues. Remote experts can now support customers, technicians, or engineers in remote locations, even thousands of miles away. A connected reality for real-time collaboration.

Digital Twins

Considering the Digital Twin concept one usually has in mind the idea of the virtual machine, whose input and output parameters can be simulated and optimized. The vision of IFS Cloud covers even more, as it embraces the Digital Twin of the customer organization as well, moving companies one step closer to Industry 4.0

Remember, InfoConsulting experts are always available to advise you on how to get the most out of the latest technology solutions to build business efficiencies. Contact us today for a complimentary business advisory session explaining how to leverage the latest capabilities of the IFS architecture.