Interview with Mikko Valle new Managing Director of InfoConsulting Nordics Oy

Interviewee is Mikko Valle, Managing Director of InfoConsulting Nordics Oy. Tell us about you and InfoConsulting Nordics?

InfoConsulting, which is an IFS Platinum Level Channel Partner, recently established InfoConsulting Nordics to enter the Nordic markets, starting within Finland. I had very positive insights of both IFS and InfoConsulting as I had analysed them in my previous role as a management consultant. Therefore, I joined InfoConsulting, which already has companies in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. I have worked at industrial companies, where I have gained experience in managing the main processes that IFS cover. In addition, I have worked at IT companies developing and implementing enterprise applications.

Tell us why potential customers should select InfoConsulting and IFS?

Together, we are challenging the ERP market with leading capabilities and a highly competitive offering for industrial customers. We provide an ERP system covering end-to-end processes for a globally operating enterprise in a single system but also enabling customers to choose and integrate our best-of-breed capabilities due to our component-based, service-oriented architecture with open APIs. Existing customers have provided excellent feedback on IFS solutions, especially in the areas of customer experience and product capabilities.

InfoConsulting is a leading IT company selling consultation, implementation, support, and maintenance services for IFS ERP systems. InfoConsulting was the winner of 2020 IFS Innovative Partner of the Year award, and a finalist for the 2020 award for IFS Channel Partner of the Year, IFS Customers’ Choice Partner of the Year, and IFS Solutions Partner of the Year.

Tells us why companies should use IFS solutions?

As top experts, we increase the efficiency of companies using the latest technologies. IFS applications enable you to create an intelligent and autonomous enterprise, helping you evolve and transform your business, putting you in a position to challenge expectations and grow with exciting new offerings, radically more efficient processes, and completely new ways of thinking. For companies to join the journey towards the vision, it is important to tap into the full potential of the solution and keep it evergreen. We are looking forward to helping companies in this journey and gain related business benefits.