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Visual Environment Audit as a way to increase efficiency of enterprises

Infoconsulting Advisory has developed a modern Visual Work Environment Audit service. Thanks to joint R&D work carried out with Polish scientists and consultants experienced in the field of environment analysis, we can offer another effective way to increase the efficiency of enterprises.    


  • Globally, losses to companies caused by vision problems of employees are estimated to be around $500 billion.   
  •  On average, an employee with an improper visual work environment loses 20% of their effectiveness.   

 Problems with improper visual environments cause, among other things:   

  • Errors in the implementation of tasks. This affects employees in different types of positions from warehouseman to programmers or analysts.   
  • Quick fatigue with work on the job, e.g. in specific locations of the plant, warehouse or office   
  • Accidents at work resulting from, for example, incorrect assessment of distances or incorrect color recognition.   

Unsuitable parameters of the visual work environment result in, among other things:   

  • Faulty illuminance, variations in illuminance,   
  • Incorrect selection of lighting colors and incorrect combinations of these colors, e.g. incorrect lighting of workstations in the warehouse.   
  • Faulty selection of colors for labelling and packaging products,   
  • Lack of information about the visual impairments of personnel.   

 That is why InfoConsulting has prepared a modern Visual Environment Audit service.   

 The Audit consists of three main steps:   

  •  Planning of actions and selection of tools for particular cases   
  • Implementation of the audit, including measurements and examination of the visual work environment     
  • Providing assessment and recommendations for change   

Our experience in work environment analysis and research indicates that a Visual Environment Audit is one of the most efficient ways to increase the effectiveness of enterprises. Both the scope and methods can be scalable, for example: an audit can include a professional eye examination for staff carried out by qualified optometrists. The audit can be carried out for different types of workplaces and activities, from warehouses and production plants to laboratories and offices. - said Bartłomiej Żak, Director of the Products and Services Development Division of InfoConsulting   

Effects of the Audit are:   

  • Identification of problems in the visual  environment   
  • Introduction of changes and improvements needed to improve the quality of the visual environment in the workplace.  
  • Elimination of problems and limitations resulting from the quality of the visual work environment, e.g. reduction of the number of errors or elimination of positions where personnel must be frequently rotated due to rapid mental fatigue.   

To learn more contact our expert: @bartłomiej Żak