How artificial intelligence can support business decision making

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are evolving at a rapid pace, and the way people use AI to solve business problems is also constantly evolving. The use of these techniques is no longer reserved only for a small group of specialists in the field of data analysis and programming. In particular, an important application of AI is related to supporting and automating decision-making. Modern machine learning tools and algorithms support, among others:

  • forecasting in various areas of the company’s operation (demand after resource demand),
  • recommending optimal decision making and process parameters,
  • and classification, including e.g. identification of non-obvious connections between economic events.

Also ERP systems, as central systems supporting the management of the entire enterprise, are more and more often supplemented with additional AI functionalities that optimize decision-making that is based on real data. Examples of applications of artificial intelligence solutions supporting decision-making based on data held by the company, e.g. in the ERP system:

  1. AI can use information about employee performance, qualifications and their location to optimally assign tasks, e.g. service or project and help with planning. This is especially useful for companies that provide field service or equipment repair projects.
  2. AI can, on the basis of reporting data on the performance of production by employees, assess the efficiency of employees and qualify employees to operate specific, specialized machines in order to increase both the efficiency and reliability of machine operation. Many manufacturing companies benefit from such solutions.
  3. AI can identify customer purchasing patterns that are not visible to the sales team, i.e., for example, linking the sale of specific products or groups with other products or even events, which can be used in purchase recommendations, better matching of the offer and inventory. These types of solutions work well both in commercial companies as well as production and even service companies.
  4. AI can calculate and propose maintenance dates for machines and devices so that there are no breakdowns and unexpected downtime. Factory managers highly appreciate such solutions in automated warehouses where downtime can be particularly costly.

Consider what key decisions you make regularly, a high-class AI technician will identify on this basis what data and how artificial intelligence solutions can help you be even more effective. You do not need to know what AI solutions are optimal for your area of ​​operation, how, for example, machine learning can support the improvement of process efficiency in business. Our organization will take care of selecting the right tools from our product range and, using artificial intelligence, will take your company to the next level. We will help make (including automatically) more accurate decisions, which will allow your company to improve operational efficiency.

Author: Katarzyna Grobler-Dębska Consultant InfoConsulting