Info Advanced Logistics System – innovative logistic support

At InfoConsulting, we develop innovative projects based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. One of them is IALS (Info Advanced Logistics System).

IALS is a solution for handling logistics materials in production and trading companies, which we are developing thanks to the support of funds from the European Union.

The tool allows for the modeling of logistics processes, deriving support for logistics processes using mobile devices, and the use of artificial intelligence techniques to optimize process handling. Thanks to this, you will achieve much greater efficiency in handling tasks in logistics processes, and you will use resources more effectively, and shorten the execution time of production. IALS allows for quick implementation with limited input from your team.

This solution is intended for customers with IFS Applications, SAP, and INFOR solutions. Extensive integration with these systems allows your company to derive the maximum benefits from the use of IALS.

Contact us to find out more about how our solutions will help you improve the efficiency of logistics processes in your company.

More information about our EU-funded project in polish can be found at the link below.