InfoConsulting is growing with experienced people – interview with Sedat Demiri Managing Director InfoConsulting Switzerland

Why did you decide to join InfoConsulting with your team?
One of the reasons to join the team of InfoConsulting was the Vision & Mission that InfoConsulting is living throughout the whole group. InfoConsulting actively wants to support customers in almost every aspect of their business. We want to add value for the customer. And the customer needs to feel, that he reached the right spot when he is calling or working with us.

What were the challenges during the first months after joining the company?
It was not hard at all. Everybody was very welcoming and happy that we joined InfoConsulting and that the team is growing with experienced people. We already feel a big part of the InfoConsulting family.

Can you share with us any specific success or lesson you learned from your first months of being part of InfoConsulting?
It has been only a few months but we have already achieved a lot of successful moments with InfoConsulting. One of my favorites is that a lot of customers recognized our step with very positive feedback, and showed us that they are now even more interested in working with us, since as InfoConsulting, we are one of the few IFS Platinum Partner in Europe. This opens a lot of possibilities and motivates the team and myself even more.

What are your plans and strategy for the future in the context of further development in the DACH region?

The DACH region is a special market. Our strategy is to support customers with all our passion and to be a part of their success. I think we will only grow, by providing the best services to our existing customers, and also to new customers which need help in their current situation.

Are there any areas in which you plan to focus more to better meet the needs of customers in the region?
We did a good job in implementing our services in the Swiss market. The next area to cover are the German customers, who are in need of the best experts and the best technology.

What market trends in Switzerland and Germany are most important to you, and which ones will influence your development strategy?
There are a lot of trends in these markets, and we should be careful in comparing these two markets. The language is (almost) the same, but the cultures are different.
A lot of businesses in Germany are thinking of switching from another ERP to IFS Cloud, since the product is performing on a very high level. The Swiss market is more conservative and needs more nurturing, hand holding and clarification before deciding. So, it will be an interesting year and I’m looking forward to it.

How do you imagine further integration of the Swiss office with the InfoConsulting Group?
I think we will be even more integrated in the group during the next year. I assume that we will also have the possibility to work with InfoConsulting colleagues all around the world in different projects and spread out our qualities to make the customer feel, that we are one. I’m really excited for the next years and very motivated to have joined such a dynamic, growing and successful company.