InfoConsulting responsible for the contract with Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze “Victoria” S.A.

IFS supports the Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze “Victoria” S.A. in proactive technological development

The technology company IFS has concluded an agreement with Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze “Victoria” S.A. for the delivery of their latest cloud ERP solution. WZK “Victoria is systematically increasing the scale of its operations and focuses on continued proactive technological development. In order to meet the market challenges related to the implementation of strategic goals, the company chose an industry-dedicated solution from IFS, including for maintenance and service. InfoConsulting, an IFS platinum partner, is responsible for the contract, which includes the delivery of licenses for the latest version of the IFS Cloud software, as well as the implementation and maintenance of the solution.

Real expected benefits based on addressing business needs

Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze “Victoria” S.A., produces over 500 thousand tons of coke per year and is a leading producer of foundry coke in Poland and a significant producer in Europe.

Wojciech Maj, President of the Management Board of WZK “Victoria” S.A .: When choosing the ERP system, we chose the flagship IFS solution, which is distinguished by its flexibility and wide range of functions, which we intend to use, especially in the area of maintenance.

Business transformation at its best

The contract covers the delivery of licenses for the latest version of the software – IFS Cloud and the implementation and servicing of the solution. Thanks to an innovative approach, the system will be regularly updated as an evergreen standard, which is a novelty in the ERP systems market. Thanks to this approach, the client will always be working on the latest “technologically” and “functionality driven” version, avoiding additional financial costs related to expensive upgrades in future years.

Marek Głazowski, President of IFS Polska & EE says: WZK Victoria has opted for IFS Cloud as a system open to innovation going forward. I am convinced that this step will bring WZK Victoria immense benefits, including, thanks to the computerization of many areas, improvements in the areas of production, maintenance and repairs. The market advantage of IFS Cloud is giving the choice to customers because they know their company and its needs best. We work on the basis of cooperation, and never impose or limit our partners. This is true for both the location of the system, as well as its integration with other solutions. Every day we cooperate with market-leading production companies, I consider it a special honour that this group is now joined by WZK Victoria – a company that sets the highest market standards and cares about sustainable development of the company and focuses on innovation in the maintenance, process and service areas.

Support and development of production activities

Grzegorz Musiał, Vice President of the Management Board of InfoConsulting, emphasizes: WZK Victoria has a combination of great traditions and modernity. The company uses the latest optimization solutions in regard to technology, meaning the company’s operations are aimed at strengthening its position on the European market. The decision to cooperate with InfoConsulting and the implementation of the integrated IFS Cloud system is a step in that direction of even more efficient use of resources and improved functioning in the most important areas of the business.

The goal is to maintain the continuity of production of the high-quality coke assortment with appropriate servicing of the machinery, which consists of a sorting plant, mills, grinding wheels, and battery-furnaces coke ovens. This is the biggest challenge for a company that assumes sustainable development for the sake of our natural environment. Coherent values shared by WZK Victoria, IFS and InfoConsulting allow us to create a lasting relationship based on trust and the pursuit of business development.