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InfoConsulting to enter Australia

InfoConsulting, one of the fastest-growing consulting companies in Europe is entering the Australian market. The expansion will be in cooperation with IFS Group, who are already present in the local market. Our first project has already started and we aim to support more companies on the Australian market with IFS implementation and digital transformation projects.

Australia is a diverse, economically and culturally developed country. In Europe we associate Australia mainly with the tourist industry. However, we see market potential there, particularly among companies in the Energy Utilities Resources, Engineering Construction Infrastructure & Manufacturing sectors. The support of a large partner such as IFS, which is growing operations in the region and also sees the market’s potential, is also important

We currently set up our local office seeking best experts to work with us in Australia. We are looking for business and technical consultants and have currently several positions opened. In addition to management, a team of business consultants and technical consultants will be established to provide ongoing support to our local customers. We have more than 200 experts in Europe who we already utilise on global projects, but we always adapt to the local specifics. said Mirosław Kamiński CEO InfoConsulting.