InfoConsulting was responsible for IFS upgrade in NFM

NFM is a leading provider of personal protection systems, offering its end-users the full spectrum of protection while enhancing their capability to work in a safe and secure manner. The product portfolio ranges from GARM combat clothing to THOR load-bearing systems and SKJOLD body armour. Continuous innovation, a user-centred design process, and the highest quality production based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship make NFM’s products sought after by military and law enforcement officers globally.

Established in 1996, the NFM Group today employs over 700 people divided into the group’s various divisions: NFM® Division design, develop and produce a range of products for military and law enforcement units worldwide.

Production in their factories must meet the highest quality and safety standards. The upgrade to a higher version of the IFS system was a milestone on the road to digital transformation for NFM. The benefits of implementing the system are mainly full traceability of products, automation of warehouse tasks, and ordering of warehouse components through mobile terminals. This allows them to streamline the flow of repair tasks through the repair module and terminal solutions. The employee portals have also been extended to include dedicated solutions for handling leave requests. Cooperation with external contractors has been optimised through modern B2B portals.

“Thanks to the cooperation with InfoConsulting, it was possible to make optimal use of the complexity of the IFS ERP system. InfoConsulting consultants were involved in the process analysis and consultancy during the pre-implementation stage. The system was configured strictly to the needs of NFM, which does most of its production to bespoke contract orders. From 2021 and moving forward, the cooperation also includes maintenance support” said Małgorzata Dombrowska CEO of NFM PRODUCTION