InfoConsulting’s expansion into Australia and New Zealand – read the interview - InfoConsulting

InfoConsulting’s expansion into Australia and New Zealand – read the interview

InfoConsulting, one of the fastest growing consulting companies and an IFS Premium Partner, recently announced its expansion into the Australian and New Zealand markets as it continues to grow the business and extend on its successful relationship with IFS.

We recently interviewed Head of InfoConsulting – Mirosław Kamiński and Managing Director Australia/New Zealand – Jon O’Brien about the expansion plans.

Why expand into Australia and New Zealand?

“During 2020, InfoConsulting identified a number of markets internationally that we saw as key to our growth and expansion plans outside of Europe. One of those that was identified was Australia and New Zealand which is economically strong and growing” Miroslaw Kaminski mentioned. He added “We’ve been a partner of IFS since 2008 and throughout the years there has been tremendous growth from our partnering relationship. In Europe, our team has worked with IFS for more than 20 years. We see this expansion as the next phase in our business to continue in the success and growth of IFS, but also in the growth and success of our Customers which we value highly.”

Jon O’Brien, InfoConsulting’s Australia and New Zealand Managing Director has recently joined InfoConsulting after 5 years with IFS Australia. Jon said ”InfoConsulting’s long experience and skills gives us an excellent platform to become a leading IFS partner in Australia. With our proven industry knowledge working with over 200 customers in Europe, plus their pre-sales and back office systems it gives us a jump start in our go to market planning. And we are very keen on working closely with IFS Australia to grow the brand and reputation in our proven verticals.”

Key Verticals

InfoConsulting has been continually strong in the Manufacturing sector in Europe, with many successful implementations and numerous positive customer feedbacks. Jon O’Brien said” We identified 3 core verticals that are part of our go-to market being Manufacturing, Resources and Commercial Construction. IFS has already developed the customer base nicely into a number of these verticals. We see ourselves filling a niche in Manufacturing – especially food and beverage.”

A targeted marketing program with an investment strategy to support this is already underway. We are confident that our involvement will have a positive impact on sales of IFS products in the region. Mirosław Kamiński added

New Zealand provides a brilliant springboard into the food and beverage sector, with continued increases in trade exports in 2021, such as Dairy (+31%), Fruits (+43%) and Wine (+7%).

“With improved supply chain visibility, more accurate demand planning, increased food safety measures plus enhanced customer loyalty through automated B2B solutions, we are keen to work long term with new Customers in helping them to achieve growing profit margins and increases to their market share” said Jon O’Brien.

Expanding the IFS Cloud penetration

Following one of the company’s biggest product launches in March 2021 IFS Cloud enables companies to manage the customer, people, and asset elements of their business in one single solution.

From Financials and Human Capital Management to powerful Manufacturing and Service solutions, IFS Cloud offers world-leading capabilities with a single user experience. Functionality looks and works in the same way across all solutions, and data is shared seamlessly so the information used for planning and decision-making is always reliable and up to date.

Jon O’Brien commented that “the release of IFS Cloud is a real game changer for new and existing customers alike. By adopting a low code change mentality, we can help Customers drive real value from their IFS investment.”

”A people-first, responsive design that automatically adapts to your environment, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone really helps organisations quickly adopt IFS Cloud in their business. Open API’s makes integration simpler for you to connect and extend your core applications to your wider application landscape as well as a huge variety of platforms, tools, data sources and more inside and outside your business. Added to the option of in the cloud or self hosted with twice-yearly optional releases, our customers really do have choice.”

Customers come first

As an IFS Innovative Partner of the Year award winner in 2020 and IFS Services Partner of the Year (Mid-Market) winner in 2019, InfoConsulting holds customer satisfaction as their number one KPI.

Mirosław Kamiński added “the best experts, the best technology” is what we believe in our delivery model for our customers. We are building a team of expert IFS Consultants in Australia that will drive customer success in our engagements, and help us to win more new customers for the IFS ecosystem.”

“We see InfoConsulting as a trusted advisor in our customer’s digital transformation journey. Long term relationships are very important to us, not just a quick engagement. We want to work with our customers over many years and in turn build real value in their business via their investment in IFS” concluded Jon O’Brien.