Interview with Mirosław Kamiński Head of InfoConsulting

The turn of the year is a time for summaries, ambitious plans and analyzing market trends. We invite you to read a short summary of the year at InfoConsulting.

How would you assess InfoConsulting’s overall performance in the past year?

I would describe the year 2023 as a resounding success for InfoConsulting. Despite facing certain challenges, we have made significant strides and maintained our leadership position among consulting companies and as a global IFS partner.

We have a very high efficiency team that have the know how of how to work successfully and implement multinational projects. InfoConsulting’s revenue growth in the past year exceeded 20% which is a significant success. We manage more than 20 new implementations every year and we already provide maintenance to more than 150 customers. The challenges of expanding and scaling our business are always formidable, but I am proud that we have maintained a high level of customer satisfaction as our priority value.


Can you highlight the key accomplishments and successes of InfoConsulting in the past year?

In the past year, we achieved many important milestones, such as the agreement with IFS in South Asia and the consequent opening of an office in Sri Lanka to serve the Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan market, as well as the strategic acquisition in Switzerland to serve the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and, of course, the strategic partnership with IFS Australia. We also continue to develop our markets in Europe, which are key for us in terms of stability but also business development.


Were there any new products, services, or solutions that gained recognition in the market?

The year 2023 was the time to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented Reality for manufacturing companies in the latest ERP systems. We have taken the ability to apply these modern solutions to the next level.

We focus on cooperation with IFS but we are not limited to implementations, we prepare additional services for customers to enhance ERP functionality and, most importantly, tailored to local specificities. Payroll, financial services or helping customers prepare for e-invoicing.

We have also expanded our offerings for companies. In 2023 InfoConsulting and IFS Ultimo signed a reseller agreement to support customers in implementing the IFS Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platform. In the first stage, sales are being developed in Europe and Australia, where InfoConsulting has a well-developed customer service and sales network.


Did InfoConsulting observe any significant technological trends in the ERP industry?

There are a growing number of interesting trends that are already having an impact on implementations. There is, among others, the already mentioned integration of Artificial Intelligence in ERP to automate processes but also to support business decisions. Systems are becoming more open, modular and allow for easy integration. Customers expect effective User Experience, Mobile Accessibility, and cloud solutions all the time. Easy access to data is key. We also observe that increasing resource efficiency is often part of our clients’ CSR policies.

Digital transformation in the use of ERP systems is progressing all the time, we have, however, more and more customers who expect global implementations with customization to local requirements and regulations. Customers expect not only an effective implementation but also high-quality service support and continuous development of personalized functionality tailored to their needs.


Our mission is to increase the efficiency of businesses, therefore we use technology and trends behind every one of our projects to meet the dynamically changing business environment for the benefit of our customers.


What are the main goals and plans for InfoConsulting in the upcoming year?

I would like the coming year to be based on three pillars: customer satisfaction, group growth, and innovations supporting the efficiency of our customers. We build a company with global reach. We have a strong team and I am confident that we are ready for the challenges of 2024.