Latest IFS Cloud Release Uses AI for Industry

InfoConsulting as a global strategic partner of IFS is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of IFS Cloud which now has powerful AI capabilities for use within the industrial vertical.

This new release aims to allow companies to build automated processes into their business workflow, and this is particularly important for companies that have asset maintenance and service maintenance as part of their offering.

This new offer from IFS focuses on three core areas:

Humans and technology working in harmony

With the advancement of AI, we are now at a time where technology and the power of the human brain can come together and do amazing things inside a business, and the new version of IFS Cloud uses the potential of a human but expands it using AI.

This is particularly important in the area of business assets. Any business with machinery, plant, production equipment, etc, etc must look at minimizing downtime and make sure that every resource they use is optimized to its fullest.

Some of the ways in which the latest version of IFS Cloud achieves this include:

– Improved decision-making using the IFS Cloud AI-powered assistant
– Insights that support the reduction of capital expenditure and operational expenses
– Improve service levels and reduce the expense of field technicians needing to visit clients directly

Driving profitability in volatile industry sectors

All businesses have potential, some lower and higher than others. The core to harnessing this potential is to make sure you are focused on some key points which include:

– Lowering costs
– Reducing raw material waste
– Measuring profitability correctly

This can empower a business and by using AI and planning correctly, new business models can be developed to streamline many parts of your business. This is something that InfoConsulting are expert in, having done this for many companies in the past.

If we look at just one component of production businesses, Supply Chain Scheduling, then we can see many companies that have numerous opportunities to use AI to increase productivity, automate SLA management and adherence, and most importantly, increase profit margins.

Having this type of technological support can help in meeting SLA compliance goals, avoid contract penalties, and improve overall customer satisfaction, one of the key pillars here at InfoConsulting.

Using sustainability as your competitive advantage

IFS Cloud supports businesses to achieve real sustainability and environmental goals. Being able to track equipment emissions and the utility provider’s power consumption, helps businesses meet not only cost-saving goals but also compliance and social responsibility goals.

Using IFS Cloud allows you as a business to introduce new profit-generating revenue streams while lowering your carbon footprint.


All businesses need to embrace the power of AI or risk getting left behind by competitors who are planning for the future.

If you have questions about how AI can help your business, then the team at InfoConsulting are just a quick phone call away.