Meet our Customer: Atlanta

Atlanta Poland S.A. has existed from 1990 and is one of the largest companies in Poland importing and selling nuts and dried fruits used in the production of chocolate products, sweets, cookies and bread.

Thanks to the implementation of the company development strategy in 2005, Atlanta Poland S.A. became a listed company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2009, it has been highly visible on the retail market, offering a full range of packaged nuts and dried fruits and sweets sold under the Bakal and Kujawianka brands.

Having already implemented IFS version 7.5, we were looking for a partner with whom we would be able to develop the system together. It was also important for us to ensure the ongoing operation of the IFS system, as well as end-user support. InfoConsulting is one of the most experienced IFS partners. We decided to start cooperation in the implementation of the service contract in 2017, and in 2021 an implementation contract was signed for the upgrade of the IFS system to version 10. – said Agata-Wróbel Mazur COO Atlanta Poland

The implementation process ended in July 2022 and was completed in accordance with the adopted schedule. By implementing the IFS system, InfoConsulting experts fully responded to our business needs and met the requirements set for the project. The comprehensive implementation covered the most important areas: finance and accounting, warehouse management, procurement, and sales, which we had used in the previous version of IFS.

In addition, we have extended our solution further with documentation management integrated with the OCR Saldeo software, the area of production planning and managerial dashboards using the IFS Lobby solution.

As part of their daily duties, 97 of our team use IFS. We currently use version 10 in the following areas: Distribution, Production Planning, Finance, Supply, Warehouse,and Documentation Management.

For us, InfoConsulting is primarily a business advisor who proactively help us improve the functioning of our organization in the area of service support for the IFS Applications system, but they also provide related work covering software development, which we plan more of in the coming years. added Agata-Wróbel Mazur COO Atlanta Poland