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Products tailored to your needs

InfoConsulting specializes in consulting and implementation, but also offer its own products to increase the capabilities of ERP systems. These are ready-made products and can be used off the shelf (Tested and ready for implementation) or adapted to the specific needs of your company.

Own ready-made products

InfoReports (quick integrated IFS reports) fully replace other reporting systems, while providing unique capabilities, incomparable with other reporting systems or tools.

The InfoReports module was prepared as an integration based on JasperReports and adapted to make direct reporting from the IFS Applications database simple.

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INFO Billing is a complementary solution to IFS Applications, created to support the work of companies providing various types of media.

The system supports processes related to customer service from the moment of submitting the application to the settlement of periodic payments for the delivery of utilities.

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Government database integration
Ensure ongoing verification of data with government databases.

We can prepare integration with the system of the Ministry of Finance for you, allowing you to verify data directly from the application in an automated manner (White List). We also carry out an integration that allows you to automatically verify the status of a VAT payer from regularly updated government databases.

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Fast contractor registration
Application add-on that allows you to register a contractor on the basis of data available in government databases.

The integration allows you to download the address data of the payer’s status and the list of accounts and automatically save them to the newly created contractor. The architecture of the solution allows you to easily expand the record with various new data sources.

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Integration with shippers
Configurable integration with freight forwarding systems. The package allows you to configure without additional code changes, integration with shippers systems that support SOAP or Rest communication.

The package includes predefined messages for shippers, DHL, Inpost and Farmalink.

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Polish invoice templates
A set of invoice templates compliant with the requirements of Polish financial and fiscal regulations.Ask our expert for an offer
Integration with banking systems
A set of add-ons that allow you to generate transfer orders and import statements in MT940 and Videotel formats. Integration pre configured for the internal systems of the largest Polish banks.Ask our expert for an offer

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Our Research, Development and Programing Department also prepare solutions dedicated to specific clients. Find out what we can do for you.