FSM Business Advisory

FSM Business Advisory

What benefits can companies get by using FSM (Field Service Management) software?

Our FSM Business Advisory team provide advice about IFS Field Service Management which is part of the IFS family of modules and applications. The main difference is that IFS FSM can be a standalone application that works not only with IFS but with many other ERP applications. 

This now provides a company using SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or other enterprise resource planning and CRM software platforms the opportunity to seamlessly integrate FSM (Field Service Management) into their product offering, which in turn opens up a new revenue stream. 

InfoConsulting is a leader in implementing the full core suite of IFS Applications modules but more importantly is a core IFS partner and business advisory solutions partner that understands the field service management sector.

FSM Business Advisory Software

Using an FSM software application can provide many benefits for your company but more importantly for your clients. 

  • Increase service margins by increasing productivity via automation. 
  • Improve parts management so that clients are not waiting for business-critical fixes to production and other essential equipment. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction from first incident report through to resolution. 
  • Setting up an integrated service operation that increases bottom line profits whilst building brand recognition and loyalty. 

 As a service-based company, it is important to understand what your clients are going through and where they need support. Some frequently asked questions we have seen include: 

  • What type of SLA (Service Level Agreement) do you have in place for me as a customer? (Your customers require a specific minimum service level) 
  • What are your plans to automate and leverage AI in your servicing of us as a customer? (Your customers are becoming more educated and you need to be on the same level) 
  • What methods do we have available to contact your support if we encounter a problem with your product (You now need to provide multiple touchpoints for contacting your support team as well as automation) 
  • Do you provide depot repair and reverse logistics? (For plant and other mechanical machinery you need to have a full-service repair and delivery service) 

Some of the above are just a small fraction of what you need to be thinking about when adding or improving field service management internally. IFS Field Service Management is a tool that can help you to do that by providing an additional revenue stream for your business while adding value to your customers. 

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