IFS Cloud

What does IFS Cloud mean to your business?

Deliver your #MomentOfService

All your products and services delivered with the support of the unified,
feature-rich and evergreen IFS Cloud platform

Compose the solution to fit your business

Choose the capabilities you need today.
Add more in the future.
Feel free to extend the solution by yourself, by IFS partners or IFS

Fully enjoy your unified IT platform

Shared top-notch User Experience
One data and security model
RESTful API across the whole solution

Cloud computing service concept - connect to cloud. Businessman offering cloud computing service represented by icon.
IFS Cloud - a Transformational Release
Platform is Key

One single productCloud based, modular technology built on a single platform

Industry depthDeep vertical functionality and expertise

Innovation embeddedCutting edge technology built into the product as standard

Cloud or on-premExactly the same solution, whether in the cloud or on-premise

Delightful experienceFrom the user experience to implementation

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