IFS Field Service Management

This type of software now allows service companies to become proactive instead of reactive and minor solutions that once required a field visit can now be handled remotely. This means your company can handle many more service requests leading to greater customer satisfaction and a lean service delivery process.

Whereby most ERP and CRM applications can only work with internal modules, the IFS FSM Application is stand alone so can be integrated with any other ERP or CRM platform. e.g. You may be using SAP, Infor, Baan, Salesforce or some other enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management tool.

IFS FSM helps worker

With IFS FSM (Field Service Management) software, you can utilise the power of your existing business application and seamlessly add FSM to your business as an additional service offering and profit centre.


Increase service margins. Reduce the cost of service by maximizing the productivity and utilization of technicians. Reduce travel times, combine service calls where possible, and increase dispatch avoidance reducing the overall number of service calls. Offer multiple contract types for more value-added services to drive additional revenue.

Improve customer engagement

Using automated call routing and providing omnichannel options such as self-service and social media enhances the customer experience.

Increase customer satisfaction

Better quality of service will increase customer retention and drive future orders.

Improve first-time fix rate

Fixing something right the first time saves money, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces downtime.

Improve people management and parts management

Improve scheduling logistics of getting the right people to the right places with the right parts. Improve part availability through better warehouse management and alternative part selection.

Improve accessibility and configurations options

Need a personalized user experience that works for any user on any device? FSM can help.

Achieved Effects with IFS FSM


Extend the equipments efficiency


Increase of service productivity


Reduction of access time

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