IFS support

InfoConsulting has been providing IFS support to many IFS Applications users for many years. We are flexible, focused on meeting customer expectations and, most importantly, we have the very best IFS Applications experts.

ifs partner of the year 2021

Important information

  • Over 50 customers in Poland & over 100 customers.
  • Customers with subsidiaries in several countries
  • Providing support to over 20k users.
  • Certified TECHNICAL TEAM.
  • Customers Choice OF SUPPORT LEVEL.

Support services structure

Center of Excellence
1st line - Call Center, end-user
IC Support Organization
2nd line - standard support agreement
IC Support Organization
3rd line - IFS R&D
Scope of services Standard support CoE support
Help Desk ×
System administration ×
User right management ×
Competencies development Limited to consultations
Reports ×
Customization Limited to consultations
Parameterization ×
System updates Deployment package only
System errors ×
Licence maintenance ×
Legal compliance adjustments Deployment package only ×

What is the Center of Excellence?

Resolving user issues that are beyond the scope of standard support.
Opportunity to benefit from additional support services that are not part of the standard maintenanace agreement.
Interactive, immediate, and remote assistance for application users during their day-to-day activities - availability via phone, email, or web portal.
Daily assistance for IFS Applications regardless of which version you are currently using.
Significant increase benefits of IFS Applications, accompanied by a reduction in service costs.

Choose a standard service agreement or take advantage of the flexible cooperation within the IFS Center of Excellence and use your ERP system to its full potential.


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