IFS Ultimo

IFS Ultimo

IFS Ultimo - an EAM system you will implement cost-effectively in a short period of time.

InfoConsulting and IFS have now entered into a partnership agreement that means we will be providing both sales and support of the IFS Ultimo EAM solution for businesses to help drive transparent management of enterprise business assets.

Running a business in the modern world of manufacturing creates both threats and opportunities and it is the hidden threat of working assets no longer working to peak performance.

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An asset that is working at less than peak performance has a knock-on effect on other areas, including protecting the environment, making sure employees are kept safe, and also making sure that a plant or facility does not suffer from any periods of extended downtime.

In today’s world, time lost costs money, especially in high-level manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics organizations where even the smallest amount of downtime can have serious repercussions for the business, and more importantly the customers of your business.

What is IFS Ultimo EAM

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software is a must for any forward-thinking business and can help support a number of cost-saving initiatives by using up to date information and data on your company’s fixed assets.

There are three levels within the IFS Ultimo range which serve different levels of the company.

  • IFS Ultimo Professional
  • IFS Ultimo Premium
  • IFS Ultimo Enterprise

You will be in good company using EAM, as many of our customers have seen a wide variety of benefits in implementing EAM. Companies that currently use IFS Ultimo include the likes of Air Liquide, Dr. Oetker, Bosch, BASF, BP Castrol, Dachser Intelligent Logistics, Total Energies, Vinci Airports, and many others.

These companies all have two core principles and goals when it comes to using EAM software. One is to make sure critical assets are updated and overhauled to provide the very best performance and eliminate downtime, and two, to make sure their employees are safe and they adhere to any and all local in-country health & safety regulations.

What is IFS Ultimo GO

As you see from the above images, IFS Ultimo Go can be used by your production and maintenance teams literally on the “Go”

The state-of-the-art mobile app gives you IFS Ultimo in your pocket and is very intuitive to use on a mobile device.

What are the benefits of using IFS Ultimo

Maximise Asset Availability
Increase health and safety in the workplace
Improve manufacturing productivity
Eliminate poor decision-making through a lack of data
Work on the go with the “Ultimo GO” mobile app
Lower cost of implementation using “out of the box” cloud software

What are the features of the IFS Ultimo solution

Managing mission-critical assets has in the past been a time-consuming process with fragmented business units not having the correct data to make decisions.

That is now a thing of the past with a powerful suite of integrated features including:

IFS Ultimo Scheduling and Asset Planner

– Real-Time Asset Maintenance Management & Reporting
– Health & Safety Suite of Tools
– Modern Mobile Application
– Visual Planning Tool
– Staff E-Learning Application
– Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting

What business pain points can IFS Ultimo help you solve

– Unplanned equipment downtime;
– Unpredictable business costs;
– Lack of clear insight into the health of your assets;
– Non-optimal communication between maintenance, production, and safety departments (business silos);
– Poor business decisions resulting from lack of data (OPEX <-> capex);
– Resource & knowledge challenges for personnel (aging workforce);
– Alternative to expensive EAM software with bad user adoption and long implementation times

Aligning maintenance of assets with other departments is a key consideration for any type of manufacturing business and IFS Ultimo also offers the option to add integrated BI dashboards and modules including Work permits, Incident Management, and Change Management. Other options are IT service management and standardized integrations with other business applications.

By using the additional options, you guarantee health and safety and create synergy between Maintenance, Operations, HSE, IT, and Finance.

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