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IFS Applications Upgrade – From Any Version to the Latest Version

Let the changing world be your friend, not the obstacle

Your company is changing all the time. Every day, the market conditions are changing, and your go-to-market strategy needs to be adjusted along the way, otherwise, you will not be able to keep a competitive edge of your business.

From a business perspective, it’s almost trivial to say, that your ERP-Solution is deeply entangled with the business processes in your company.

So, isn’t it risky to stick to outdated technology?

Each year IFS invests a lot of time, money, and technical development resources in producing new business capabilities and usability for the IFS suite of applications. This is all done with the ultimate goal of helping businesses like yours increase productivity and profit margins. We want to bring these latest capabilities to your business environment.

IFS Applications Upgrade

You can now enjoy all of the latest functional capabilities of IFS, including seamless technology and functional integration and a top-notch user experience by using IFS Cloud.

Within a few months of starting an upgrade project, your company will be one step ahead of your competition with a modern.
ERP platform as your weapon!

Why Upgrade?

InfoConsulting, with the help of our unique Upgrade Assessment Service, will help you to answer key questions like the ones below before you decide to start an upgrade journey:

Why should we upgrade now?
How shall we approach the upgrade?
How will my customizations be handled?
Who needs to be involved from our company?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
How can we mitigate any risks?

For some customers, the current technology gap will be small, but for others, running old, heavily customized versions of IFS, it will be much bigger. There is no one correct approach to this journey, but we have successfully delivered all types of upgrade projects across various industries and we will openly assess with you which will be the best approach for you.

Business operations like yours can benefit from the hundreds of functional and technological improvements an upgrade brings, better meeting the demands of companies like yours.

Business operations will benefit from the hundreds of functional and technological improvements to better meet the demands of your company.

Choose the right upgrade path for you

We’ve delivered 40 IFS upgrades so far. Some of them were technical upgrades, some were greenfield re-implementation, some integrated the best features of both approaches. Each company is very different so we will work with you to deliver the perfect upgrade project which will add immediate benefits to your organisation.

• Replicate current business processes in the new IFS version with few critical changes applied.
• Implement major business process changes after going live on the new IFS version.
• Best served with the technical upgrade approach
• Replicate the majority of the current business processes keeping all historical data intact.
• Implement new processes or reengineer existing processes as part of the upgrade
• Best served with a joint technical upgrade approach
• Applicable when you need to make significant changes to the company structures and processes.
• Take the opportunity to clean up old data and thoroughly enhance system parametrization
• Best served with the database cut-off and opening balances migration to the new database

IFS Upgrade Implementation Methodology

There are several key factors to a successful upgrade project. They are all incorporated in the methodology we are using, helping us to mitigate any risks and deliver genuine business value:

  • Understand and validate the Business Case justifying the upgrade project
  • Analyse the current implementation scope, review CRIM-s, and design the ‘To-Do’ solution
  • Clearly define project goals, scope, responsibilities, and budget
  • Use smart tooling and templates to streamline project tasks
implementation methodology

Technical Upgrades

What are the benefits of a technical upgrade?

Usually, it’s easy to pinpoint the business benefits of the full reimplementation upgrade, as it covers full process assessment and reengineering tasks. In the case of a technical upgrade, it may be more difficult to show the benefits of porting the “AS-IS” setup to the newest IFS version. Yet, in many cases, the technical upgrade may be the right choice and there are many benefits to it, including:

  • A technical upgrade is the simpler one, as everybody is used to the current IFS Applications setup so it can be delivered in a shorter timeframe and with lower overall risk
  • There is minimal disruption for end-users and relatively low engagement or input needed from your power-users
  • Usability, mobility, and analytical capabilities are direct benefits of the project. As a result, all processes run more smoothly, and crucial information is easily accessible to users
  • Configurability of the newest version of IFS helps to get rid of a large part of customizations (typically 50%+), helping to stay evergreen with update processes streamlined by the IFS Build Place concept
  • It is a safe leap into the newest, and more secure and efficient technology stack, giving the foundation for future improvements right after the Go Live day
  • The IT platform is now the enabler, not an outdated blocker for future changes

Technical upgrade – fast and safe path to an Evergreen solution

According to the methodology, we recommend three iterations of running technical upgrade scripts. The first one is purely technical when we make a copy of your production environment on your premises (or in the cloud) and run the upgrade script for the first time. This allows us to fine-tune the upgrade scripts to your specific installation, so they work smoothly and efficiently.

As a result of this first iteration, we create a new environment with your data, so we can effectively discuss your CRIM-s and the scope of any business changes. The second iteration is done after approved CRIM-s have been upgraded to the new IFS version. After this iteration, you’ll have a fully working environment of the target IFS version with all your data and processes. Then, joint tests are run, so you can be reassured that all processes work as intended.

Only after this step would you approve the readiness of the upgrade project. The final upgrade iteration is then run on your actual production database and the Go Live goal is achieved.

Easiest approach

Easiest approach

user interruption grey

Limited user interruption to their D2D workings

On the path to evergreen

On the path to evergreen

simpler user experience grey

A new simpler user experience

Simpler integration grey

Simpler integration tools available immediately

What benefits will you see after the upgrade?

  • Support of business processes is both broader and deeper with the unified IFS Cloud platform
  • Employees enjoy a modern user experience, built-in visual IFS Lobbies, and full mobility
  • Your IT specialists take full control of the source code, deep configuration, and REST integrations
  • New built-in technologies, like business process automation, machine learning, Industrial IoT, augmented reality, and more, will help you to stay ahead of your competition
  • Your business can enjoy a top SLA with InfoConsulting’s unique support offering including our extended service – Centre of Excellence.

IFS Applications

InfoConsulting analyses a company’s business processes. InfoConsulting experts learn about the needs and expectations of the customer and work out an optimal solution, which becomes the basis for the implementation of the system. In the analysis and consultation process, we are the customer’s advisor, making sure you receive exactly what you need.

The producer of IFS ApplicationsTM is IFS, a global supplier of software for companies in sectors where asset management, production management, field servicing, supply chain management and project management are of strategic importance. IFS have 2,100 customers and are present in approximately 60 countries. IFS have been operating in Poland since 1992, serving more than 210 customers from the company’s four offices. In rankings of suppliers of ERP systems in the Polish market, IFS is in the top three.

IFS Applications

IFS ApplicationsTM is a system with component architecture that can be configured as an ERP, EAM, ERP system based on projects, and a field servicing management system, or as a complete solution for all of these areas.

What's your Moment of Service?
Be your best when it matters most to your customers - in the moment of service.

IFS horizontal solutions support key processes

Human resources
Lifecycle Management
Quality management
Records management
Sustainable development
Business intelligence
Process models

InfoConsulting will assist with the following

  • Administrative services related to the use of IFS ApplicationsTM provided on the base of a fixed contract, enabling the reduction of costs associated with maintaining the systems
  • Comprehensive implementation of IFS ApplicationsTM systems or its components based on best practices in accordance with PMI and PRINCE2 project management procedures
  • Optimisation of business processes based on RFID technology, providing the automation, cost reduction, and elimination of “bottleneck” processes
  • Analysis of business needs and optimisation and mapping business processes
  • Preparing the company to implement ERP systems
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