OSTROJ achieves more efficient production thanks to InfoConsulting and ERP system IFS (video case study)

OSTROJ achieves more efficient production thanks to InfoConsulting and ERP system IFS (video case study)

One of the most important companies in the Moravian-Silesian region, OSTROJ a.s., is a major manufacturer of a range of mining machines for deep mining of coal and ores.

These machines include, conveyor systems for surface applications, special mobile formwork for tunnel concreting and automated conveyor lines, plus  a wide portfolio of other engineering products.

Ostroj decided to replace its original ERP system in 2019 and was looking for a solution that would help it standardize and automate processes, and at the same time unify them to the maximum extent possible across the company’s divisions. After a thorough evaluation of several vendors and the solutions they offered, InfoConsulting Czech and IFS Applications 10 won the tender, and offered a highly functional solution, particularly in the areas of preparation, planning and management of production and related processes.

IFS Applications 10 is used by nearly 800 employees in OSTROJ, who use a substantial part of the system’s wide range of functions designed specially for manufacturing companies. The functions cover planning and management of all types of production in the individual divisions, as well as purchasing and inventory management, quality management and control, preparation of quotations and quotations by sales teams, financial management and accounting, complete maintenance management of production and non-production equipment and buildings, and other areas.

Why IFS?

We chose IFS Applications and InfoConsulting as a supplier not only because they offer comprehensive support for our operational, especially production requirements, but also because we were looking for a solution that would support the future development of our company.

For  example, by managing material flows in both warehouse management and production, or by overlapping functions in the area of production management, for which the company would otherwise have had to purchase a specialized MES production management system. – said Aleš Martínek, CEO of OSTROJ.

The information system was put into live operation in January 2022. Since day one, it has been running in all implemented modules without any failures. Considering the extent of the parameterization of the new system, the training of both key and all other users, and the volume and complexity of the data transferred from the original ERP to IFS Applications, this is a huge feat and an undisputed success.

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Video transcription

OSTROJ is a traditional Czech engineering company. Our roots go back to the second half of the nineteenth century. On the one hand, we are a company with a long history and a unique position in our region, on the other hand, we’re a modern business, innovative in its approach to development. In 2019, we decided to replace our original information system, which was implemented in 2003, and we were looking for a solution which would help us standardize and automate processes while at the same time unifying as much as possible across the various divisions of our company. I consider the IFS ERP implementation project a clear success. We deployed the system into live operation, on schedule, in early January 2022. All of the IFS modules ran without problems from the beginning. Aleš Martínek – General Director, OSTROJ a.s.

When we looked at OSTROJ’s requirements, we knew this would be a great challenge, but at the same time we believed in our expertise, and also the quality of past implemented IFS solutions for other clients. Our expert team of experienced and certified consultants and project managers took care of the deployment of the enterprise system. They used the methodology and tools recommended by the producer to implement the solution, while continuously improving their competencies. We also closely follow current trends and always look for the best solution together with our customer, while making sure that every innovation has a clear benefit. Jozef Kováčik – Managing Director, InfoConsulting Cech s.r.o.

The IFS software pleasantly surprised us in terms of implementation. It is a modern enterprise resource planning system, being one of the four key trend-setting leaders. The system is based on Oracle database, which provides safe and robust data security. Ladislav Šír – Director of Information Technology Department, OSTROJ a.s.

We chose IFS Applications not only because of its comprehensive support for our operational requirements, especially in manufacturing, but also because we were looking for a solution that would support the future development of our company.

We were also convinced by the range of functionalities in the area of production management, for which the company would have otherwise had to purchase a specialized stand-alone production management system, such as MES. Olga Kožiálová – Process Manager, OSTROJ a.s.

The project was extensive and demanding in terms of the company’s organisational structure and the number of integrations. However, OSTROJ prepared well internally, including the project management team, which became an equal partner in managing the implementation. Pavel Drmola – Project Manager, InfoConsulting Czech s.r.o.

However, this is not the end of the digitalisation story at OSTROJ. We have built on the very good cooperation with the InfoConsulting implementation team and plan to continue working on the wider use of the IFS system in cooperation with the InfoConsulting customer support team. Aleš Martínek – General Director, OSTROJ a.s.