Comprehensive customer service

IFS Applications, Consulting IT

Consulting IT is an offer of comprehensive customer service ranging from the analysis of business processes to the selection of the right solution. We provide IT consulting and implement projects in the field of business support.

We focus on improving the safety of implementation projects, and assist in the choice of ERP, BI, and WMS, as well as other systems that support organization management in specific areas.

We know that implementation is the most important stage when creating an IT system. Its successful completion has an impact on whether the costs incurred on the IT system will be paid off, and also whether the expected benefits will be achieved. Therefore, based on many years of experience, we support our clients at every stage of a project. We use a method of running large projects called Application Implementation Methodology, which has been successfully verified in several hundred implementations around the world.

The consulting service is an element of verification of the functioning of an organization. It is a reference point for a number of projects from the area between IT and management.