IFS Center of Excellence

What is IFS Center of Excellence?

The Center of Excellence has been set up as a regular fast support to users of IFS Applications. CoE is composed of:

IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • interactive service of remote and immediate assistance to users of IFS Applications in solving their problems that may arise in daily handling of the system in the telephone channel, via web communicators, e-mail,
  • supplementary support services for IFS Applications with additional support not provided for in the provider’s service,
  • resolving of user problems that may not be reported to the provider’s service,
  • support in daily use of IFS Applications, irrespective of the version,
  • a material increase of the value of IFS Applications with simultaneous reduction of operational costs.

CoE customers will be supported by a dedicated team of top-class IFS Applications specialists who will respond to every single problem and need related to the system and will train users how to use the system in the best way.

What is offered within IFS Center of Excellence?

In the IFS Center of Excellence we offer comprehensive support services in using IFS Applications. We propose an expansion to the standard support service of IFS with remote interactive support in daily work of users by solving their problems in system handling. Our team of highly qualified specialists will ensure that each problem in the IFS Applications environment, in various modules and areas (including finances, HR, production, distribution, repairs, CRM, Contact Center, WMS, Technical, system administration) is efficiently identified, diagnosed and resolved.  We will also ensure that each need reported by Customers is efficiently analysed, developed, and implemented.

With our activity in the IFS Center of Excellence, we strive to reduce overall costs related to the operation of IFS Applications.

IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence

Support to end users in resolving incidents related to work in  IFS Applications for version since 2003 to the most recent ones in various modules and areas.

When cooperation is started with the IFS Center of Excellence, it is necessary to select the preferred support areas.  End user support may be selected in the following areas:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Production
  • Repairs
  • Distribution
  • WMS
  • HR and payroll
  • CRM
  • Contact Center
  • System administration
  • InfoLeasing
  • InfoBilling
  • InfoReports


  • maintenance of a high efficiency level of Customers’ business processes,
  • minimisation of costly idle time of the application,
  • fast and flexible approach to know-how and skills of local and international experts of IFS Applications.
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • Assistance in adapting the system to Customers’ specific requirements using standard system functionalities.
  • Support in designing and implementing definable elements of the system such as ad-hoc reports, dedicated reports, customers’ own fields, etc.
  • Adaptation of the system with respect to the coverage and potential made available as standard functions of IFS Applications.
  • Support in using system parametrisation potential.
  • Support in adapting configurable functionalities of the system to Customers’ individual needs.
  • Analysis of inter alia the parametrisation used so far, development of feasible modifications, assistance in implementation thereof subject to current needs of Customers/users.
  • Development of patches and modifications to system functionalities while providing Customers with appropriate access and rights – subject to an individual agreement with Customers.


  • a system adapted to users’ individual needs,
  • reduced costs of system customisation,
  • extension of the potential of system functionalities,
  • optimisation of core system functionalities by way of key users acquiring the skills of system handling and parametrisation.
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • Administration of system user accounts (adding, deletion, setting modification, etc.).
  • Management of user rights in the system in accordance with the rules set in the organisation.
  • Support to leading users in granting and modifying rights in business process flows.


  • high security of business processes based on IFS Applications,
  • ensuring separation of duties and transparency in user operations.
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • Support in determining needs and development of ad-hoc reports in IFS Applications.
  • Verification of correct functioning of the reports subject to system requirements.


  • effective use of business information in the system,
  • system adaptation to users’ individual needs,
  • extension of the potential of the functionalities of the application,
  • development of system analytical functions,
  • reduced costs of system use by using standard functionalities.
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • Support in the implementation of standard system updates provided by the developer.
  • Support in the implementation of system updates/modifications related to legal changes.
  • Providing support and advice in implementing updates of standard system versions – Customers will be provided with support in installing the updates, configuration, and testing of new functionalities as well as support in training of users who will be using the functionalities.


  • faster and more efficient updates and shortened idle time of the application,
  • security of updates,
  • ensuring appropriate functional use of the implemented modifications.
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence

Workshops and dedicated training for IFS Applications users in the following areas:

  • correct use of daily system functionalities,
  • execution of business processes in the application,
  • interpretation of system behaviour,
  • solving of frequent functional problems in individual modules and between the modules,
  • modifications to the application that are implemented in new updates provided by the developer of IFS Applications
  • modifications to IFS Applications related to new legal regulations.


  • improved effectiveness of operations in the company by enhancing skills in efficient use of IFS Applications,
  • elimination of effects of user errors due to incorrect system use and lack of knowledge of modifications to IFS Applications,
  • ensuring substitutability and uninterrupted work in case of staff rotation.
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • Verification of correct system operation.
  • Making back-up copies and system restoration.
  • downloading of certain fixes to the system.
  • Analysis of system logs.
  • Audit of performance and tuning of databases.
  • Support to IT teams in their administration work, such as:
    • supervision over the operation of IFS Applications and support in restoring system operation after a failure,
    • system operation and inspections in compliance with the developer’s documentation.
  • Assessment of errors and representing customers in discussions with the developer.


  • ensuring uninterrupted operation of IFS Applications,
  • data security (including personal data),
  • reduced system susceptibility to failures

What is the difference between regular maintenance and the service provided by the Center of Excellence?

  • Help Desk
  • System administration
  • Rights management
  • Development of competencies
  • Reports
  • Customisation
  • Parametrisation
  • System updates
  • Correction of errors in the standard and modifications
  • Licence maintenance
  • Consulting on system operation
  • Adaptation of the application to legal changes

Maintenance services

  • Limited to consulting
  • Limited to consulting
  • Preparation of an installation package only
  • Preparation of an installation package only

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