Specialisation of Oracle databases

InfoConsulting offer a wide range of technical services in the specialisation of Oracle databases in conjunction and connected with IFS Applications.

If you have a need to replace hardware in the near future, we offer re-installation of server environments and also data migration. We also offer assistance in the selection of hardware if required.

In the event of a failure of hardware or software, we provide many years experience in the data recovery process. To ensure efficiency and safety of data at the highest level, we offer regular service work related to the installation of critical Oracle patches and server and database monitoring. Based on periodic reports, we can make recommendations for further work and optimization of your internal IT infrastructure.

This and other services that we provide are presented below:


IFS Applications, Specialisation of Oracle databases
  • Software
    • PSU installations, single fixes
    • Oracle upgrades (software installation, database migration)
    • Server migration (installation, configuration, data migration)
  • Database administration
    • Verification of error logs
    • Analysis of the capacity of database size and data growth
    • Session and user audits for security purposes
    • Database copying and backup services
  • Backup
    • Database backup monitoring and removal of current errors
    • Recovering databases in case of system failure
  • Optimization (Oracle & IFS Applications)
    • Configuration audit and recommended modifications
    • Problem and incident identification
    • Preventive actions and recommendations
    • Performance monitoring – reports
    • Recommendations for rebuilding inefficient business processes


  • Oracle
    • Administration
    • Backup & Restore
    • Performance monitoring and database / SQL tuning
    • SQL configuration and database coding
  • IFS Applications
    • Administration and monitoring
    • Add-ons Configuration (Crystal Web Service, Print Agent, etc.)
IFS Applications, Specialisation of Oracle databases

These services can be offered as part of the subscription:


Work related to the installation of Oracle:

  • Installing patches to databases – regular Patch Set Update (every 3 months), others as required

Work related to Oracle administration:

  • Log verification and analysis, information about problems currently reported by the existing database
  • Analysis of the database size and data growth – information about the free space, the largest objects in the database, the rate of data growth
  • Session / user audit – information about the activity of individual users and applications in the database
  • Database copying – making a copy of one database to another (e.g. production base to a test base and vice versa)
  • Monitoring of database backups and removal of emerging errors (applies only to backups made to a local disk)

Database / application optimization:

  • Analysis of database parameters and their possible modification
  • Installation audit and problem identification – e.g. OS / Oracle patches
  • Preventive actions and recommendations – removing old and unnecessary logs, cleaning unnecessary data to improve performance
  • Performance monitoring – a report on the server load and its variability; suggestions for areas for improvement
  • Application / database tuning – changing OS / database parameters; SQL tuning

Most of this work can be done at any time interval that is suitable for the client, so there is complete freedom for the client and you can choose any tasks for an agreed period of time.

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